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Bayside Language School is located within the primary school section of Moreton Bay College (girls) in Queensland, Australia. You can our classroom by driving straight through the entry gates towards the large carpark on the left, where you will discover our classroom across the road on the right.

Bayside Language School primarily caters to students aged 5 and above, but we have had several younger children join our classes as well. We invite children below 5 years old to participate in a free trial session to assess their ability to benefit and learn from the class. Parents are encouraged to observe the session and make an informed decision about their child’s enrolment at a later time.

Yes, the earlier your child starts, the more opportunities we are able to give them. Ask about your free trial and we will organise an appropriate procedure for your mid-term enrolment.

We believe the best way for our students to understand and appreciate a new culture is to immerse them into it. Every lessons we run a cultural class from Kung Fu, Calligraphy, Traditional crafts and many many more.

Come along to your Free Trial and after that:

Private Tuition: $60 / 45 minutes
Kid’s Classes: $300 / Term Discounts: Bring your sibling or friend along and receive 10% off your term fees!
Shao Lin Kung Fu Classes: $25 per lesson


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