Bayside Language School is nestled by the beautiful seaside. Our vibrant institution has since flourished, accommodating over 100+ student families in an inspiring learning environment where they can immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture.

Our passionate team of four experienced educators, handpicked by our Principal, utilises innovative teaching methods to foster a love for Mandarin in every student. Our carefully crafted curriculum ensures a strong language foundation while adapting to each child’s unique learning needs.

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Welcome to Bayside Language School, where our mission is to provide a comprehensive learning experience for children, blending Mandarin language education with enriching cultural lessons. As the principal, I am committed to fostering a nurturing and engaging environment that encourages our young students to develop a deep appreciation for the language and the rich heritage it represents. Our dedicated team of experienced educators is passionate about cultivating a love for Mandarin and Chinese culture in our students, while supporting their growth and confidence as global citizens. Join us at Bayside Language School and empower your child with the gift of language and cultural understanding.


Mandarin Teacher

Beginner Classes
Hello! As a Moreton Bay College alumna and Mandarin teacher, I’m passionate about sharing Chinese culture and language with my students as I believe in the transformative power of cultural immersion. Join me for an exciting exploration of Mandarin and Chinese culture!


Mandarin Teacher

Intermediate Classes
Investing in children’s education, especially learning foreign languages, yields lifelong benefits. As an experienced teacher of 8 years and degrees from China and Australia, I am passionate about fostering a safe, fun learning environment for children and contributing to our Bayside community.


Mandarin Teacher

Advanced Classes
As a bilingual, China-born speaker with 17 years of experience, I’m passionate about the Australian-Chinese cultural exchange. At Bayside Language School, I teach Chinese language, culture, and life lessons, aiming to give students an international vision and the confidence to excel in their learning journey.

With Bayside Language School, your child will not only develop valuable language skills but also gain a broader cultural understanding, preparing them for a bright and globally connected future. Join our community of parents and give your child the opportunity to excel with Bayside Language School.

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