Enrol in Mandarin Language Classes and learn Chinese in Brisbane Chinese School


A Journey of Learning: Our Class Structure

How do our classes work, you ask? The journey begins with a free trial, introducing your family to our teachers allowing your child to experience our interactive learning environment. Upon enrolment, we carefully allocate students into age-appropriate learning groups, considering their existing Mandarin skill level.

Students receive weekly homework, noted in their personal diaries. These diaries not only track assignments but also serve as a tool for parents and students to follow learning goals. At the end of each term, a detailed report card provides insights into your child’s progress, helping us together celebrate achievements and identify areas for further growth.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum at Brisbane Chinese School: Mandarin Class and Beyond

At our Brisbane language school, we recognise that truly mastering a language goes beyond learning vocabulary and grammar rules. Understanding this, our courses are designed to delve deeper into the Chinese language. Our comprehensive curriculum gives your child a solid foundation in four fundamental areas: pronunciation and speaking, grammar and structure, Chinese characters and writing, and comprehension and understanding.

Pronunciation and Speaking

Accurate pronunciation and fluent speaking are central to effective communication in Mandarin. These skills, honed in our Mandarin class, can open doors to personal and professional opportunities, not only within Australia’s thriving Chinese communities but also in China and globally. Moreover, practising Mandarin’s tonal nature can significantly enhance auditory skills and musicality.

Grammar and Structure

Mandarin’s grammar and structure differ significantly from those of English. Gaining proficiency in this area during our course will enable your child to construct sentences accurately and express thoughts clearly in Mandarin. This skill is handy when travelling to Mandarin-speaking regions or interacting with Mandarin speakers. It also aids in developing logical thinking, as understanding grammar requires recognising patterns and applying rules.

Chinese Characters and Writing

Writing in Mandarin involves mastering thousands of unique Chinese characters. This essential aspect of asian literacy comes in handy in diverse scenarios, like reading signs while travelling in China or interpreting local Chinese literature in Australia. Plus, learning to write Mandarin characters enhances fine motor skills, visual recognition, and memory.

Comprehension and Understanding

At our language school, a major focus of our course is the comprehension and understanding of speaking and writing. This skillset allows your child to engage with Mandarin media, converse with native speakers, and fully appreciate Chinese culture. Comprehension skills, sharpened on our campus, are critical for real-life interactions and academic pursuits. They also exercise the brain’s cognitive control, as the learner must pay close attention to context and interpret meaning based on tonal variations.

Global Connections: Through and International Perspective

To broaden our students’ horizons, we collaborate with the Chinese Embassy, offering an annual tour for select students. This unique opportunity enables them to connect with peers enrolled in Chinese schools worldwide, fostering global understanding and friendships.

Cultural Immersion: Learning Through Fun

We understand the importance of cultural immersion in language learning. That’s why our classes incorporate fun cultural activities designed to enrich your child’s understanding of Chinese traditions while also promoting personal growth.

Kung Fu lessons, for example, instill discipline and confidence, and studies suggest they can even contribute to higher academic achievement. Calligraphy sessions provide a calming environment to practice neat handwriting while cultivating creativity and an appreciation for culture.

Moreover, our dumpling-making workshops teach careful movement and food safety, offering a taste of Chinese cuisine. Finally, through Chinese dance lessons, students learn to move with grace and coordination, strengthening both body and mind.

Join us on this incredible journey of language learning and cultural discovery in our Chinese classes. Your child’s adventure into Mandarin begins here!